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Her vigor flows like tides into my blood, Giving me strength erect against her hate. Her bigness sweeps my being like a flood. Yet as a rebel fronts a king in state, I stand within her walls with not a shred Of terror, malice, not a word of jeer. Wild May Aleta mentions in her tender letters, Among a chain of quaint and touching things, That you are feeble, weighted down with fetters, And given to strange deeds and mutterings.

Us players a poem

Has this poem touched you? After a test she would reward us by reading a Sherlock Holmes story. One day she decided, for our soul's sake I suppose, to read IF by Kipling. I had never heard it before - I was 12 years old.

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She then said that she was not supposed to talk politics but must mention again: Seventy-four years later I remember this vividly, though much of the French language has been forgotten.

It immediately struck me as a perfect explanation of how to go through life. It struck me so much that, being the juvenile delinquent I was at the time, I tore it out of the library book.

I kept it folded up in my wallet for years, referring to it from time to time as I went through both triumphs and disasters. When it finally fell apart from the folding and unfolding over time, I had a framed copy that I eventually passed down to my son. Over the years, I've tried to impart the wisdom in that poem to all my children, two daughters and a son.

I can't say I ever really knew if that took hold in them until recently.

Us players a poem

Yesterday my wife told me all three of them wanted to get a small tattoo of the word "IF"- a tribute to that poem and me. Although I'm not a fan of tattoos, I have to say that really choked me up. Thank you once again, Mr. Robbins read "If" in '63 when I was in Jr.

Us players a poem

Christensen read it in high school in ' I passed it on to my boys starting in ' It became a measuring sick for all of us.

I'm 68 years old now, and I lost it all. My dearest wife and all 3 boys are gone. I'm a religious man in total sorrow, searching for some understanding through prayer.

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Understanding this loss may never come, but the poem "If" will be my measuring stick Thank you God for giving us Rudyard Kipling.

Kipling took you on his journey, which many of us go through, but he let you know you can win, you can survive whatever and everything you put your mind to.


Adversity can be conquered. I heard of this poem from Leah's show on Scientology. Mimi Faust said her mother recited this poem to her on her death bed, and it genuinely touched my heart. This should be a poem the children need to learn in school because it's educational and full of purpose Hayes, used to discipline us by having this write "ifs" instead of sentences.

Fond of ifs, I said, "Mr. Hayes, why do you have me write this? It doesn't even make any sense. You'll get it one day. Bill, called me into the office and asked me what my problem was, so of course I start reiterating my problem, and out of nowhere, Mr.

Haye's "If" from 4th grade.

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Totally baffled, I took the paper and returned home took Mr. I was inspired to deal with life on life's terms however they are thrown at me. I read Kipling's IF. It's inspirational, moving, a father-to-son love.Talk of a Men in Black reboot has circulated around Hollywood for years, and there were even rumors of a possible crossover project involving the 21 Jump Street movie from While the.

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Brautigan > Rommel Drives On Deep into Egypt. This node of the American Dust website (formerly Brautigan Bibliography and Archive) provides comprehensive information about Richard Brautigan's poetry collection Rommel Drives On Deep into caninariojana.comhed in , this collection of eighty-five poems was Brautigan's eighth published poetry book.

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Still I Rise, The Road Not Taken, If You Forget Me, Dreams, Annabel Lee. an English poet and playwright, widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language and.

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