Persuasive essay on teenage plastic surgery

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Persuasive essay on teenage plastic surgery

Plastic surgery includes non-surgical procedures like Botox where surgical procedures include liposuction and breast augmentation.

It is getting common with both male and female seeking to create a better Persuasive essay on teenage plastic surgery for them. Millions of people undergo plastic surgery each year. On the other hand, a record of After all, are these procedures really that beneficial for people?

Well, while some patients think that plastic surgery could rescue a relationship or believed with unrealistic results, a medicinae doctor, David Castle, his team found out that besides positive outcomes, there is a link between plastic surgery and poor post-surgical outcomes for some patients Dittmann.

There are also studies linking that dissatisfaction with plastic surgery procedures could be ended up as bad as committing suicide. From one of the studies, the National Cancer Institute researches that breast implant were four times likely to commit suicide than other plastic surgeries patients of the same age Dittmann.

People nowadays can be very mean and cruel. They could just comment a person by his or her appearance without considering the kind of pain that the comment inflicts.

Persuasive essay on teenage plastic surgery

This is enough be a major reason to drive people to undergo for a cosmetic surgery Secure Teen, Not to forget, besides barrages, peer pressure has a close relationship with plastic surgery as well. In the last 20 years, large increases in number of cases which undergo rhinoplasty procedures are mostly performed on youths Nowicki.

Surprisingly, Botox, a procedure which is able to reduce wrinkles has become viral among teens as it was first authorized by FDA for use of cosmetics in the year Botox is somehow a cost-effective and less invasive form of cosmetic surgery procedure.

It has been made common to people especially youths because it is affordable, where what teens need the most at that period is to belong and to identify themselves. Hence, in order to belong with their ideal group and they want to be approved of especially among their peer group, they might undergo different kinds of plastic surgery, yet most of them undergo Botox.

This does not only relates to the desire to have a good looking appearance that leads them to take radical moves but also relates to the benefits earned with the good looks they have Nowicki.

A growth of plastic surgeries cases is indicated from the recent statistics. Agarwal also added that teens today have more knowledge and they are far more used- to with cosmetic surgery comparing to any ex-generation.

However, on the other hand, does plastic surgery make patients feel better? Most people would try their best to achieve their ideal physical appearance by setting themselves a daily healthy diet and sufficient exercise. Somehow, frustration will set in whenever they realized that the efforts made are not working.

If there are times where you felt bad about your own physical appearance, due to flaws such as a pair of lips that you think they are too thick or a pair of drowsy eyes, well, cosmetic surgery is the solution to enhance your look. There will be always a skilled and experience plastic surgeon over the world like Korea and Taiwan that offers various safe and effective options to improve your looks and meantime, boosting your confidence along with you self-esteem Alien.

There are studies researched that patients are able to distress themselves to be build more self- confidence for themselves whenever they are satisfied with their transformation through surgical alteration of their body parts. This has somehow improving their own social and personal life in a positive way.

In fact, it has ever been found that a fall in the number of patients having antidepressants has been led by some procedures like breast augmentation, breast reduction and tummy Haller.

Not only self-confidence and self-esteem, the quality of life and the interpersonal relationship of patients will actually been improved after a cosmetic procedure for a long term. As from the point mentioned as above, they feel positive changes among themselves such as, overall body image and social situations Dittmann.

We, human beings are all used to the fact that when an apple is in the air, because of the law of nature, gravity, it will fall to the ground. Appearances of human beings are also dependent on nature, where cosmetic surgery defies these laws. Plastic surgery has affected many people; not only help people which suffer from injuries but may have depressed the ones that did not need it.

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Plastic Surgery Persuasive Essay Sample - Pros & Cons Example

Therefore, this research paper will be giving a view at the history of plastic surgery, reasons why teenagers undergo plastic surgery, the advantages and risk of taking plastic surgery and finally conclude how can a teenage make a correct decision of taking plastic surgery.

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Teenage Plastic Surgery - Essay