Let it pour case study analysis

The staff is comprised of highly qualified, morally and ethically sound personnel available in their respective community. Despite the high quality of care and the well trained personnel, the hospital is currently experiencing financial distress and a declining public perception. The root of the hospital's problems, both financially and publicly, lies strictly with the professional staff.

Let it pour case study analysis

Overview of Project There is an escalating problem facing all operations of the Faith Community Hospital. Chris the new CEOA of Faith Community are facing various challenges with his staff as well as with appropriate operational procedures. The purpose of this case study analysis is to address various situations and barriers management staff face and what alternative solutions could be implemented to overcome these barriers.

Proposed solutions for these problems will be discussed, in addition to the rationale for proposed solutions. Triggering Event One of the main problems that Faith Community is bombarded with is media presenting headlines regarding medical errors.

The media coverage states that tens of thousands of medical errors cause death each year, close toin hospitals alone; this problem does not assist in bringing new patients to the hospital.

This quandary can have various repercussions for example, facing decrease in-patients and in turn, the amount of services the hospital provides. The decrease in-patients significantly affect hospital revenue and in turn its budget.

Since there are fixed costs, the hospital must treat patients and operate on this budget regardless of how many patients it receives, and a decrease in-patients means a reduction in revenue.

Having less income but not having a comparative decrease in operating costs may force the CEO to curtail expenditures. The budget needs to be modified to accommodate the change in revenue, which could include a reduction in staff, limited availability of specialists, staff, or equipment, and having to turn away patients who may not have the ability to pay.

Each of these scenarios could have a negative affect on the hospital to some capacity. Considering the rising costs of insurance for the hospital, this concludes that this issue is pertinent to the hospitals financial continuation. Background of Problem Currently, there is an innumerable array of legitimate concerns plaguing Faith Community Hospital.

Consequently, the concerns have become interwoven into the daily operations that the stability of the hospital has become imperiled.

Let it pour case study analysis

Three significant issues need to be addressed and are currently effecting the internal operation of the facility. The first problem the hospital is facing includes the contradictory views of how to implement the mission statement within the medical environment, including the variance of views among different groups including shareholders, board of directors and staff.

Patients feel that they should have the right to refuse medical treatments based on their beliefs, including the implementation of DNR do-not-resuscitate orders, or the refusal of surgeries due to his or her religious beliefs.

While at the same time, doctors and nurses are faced with having to uphold their Hippocratic Oaths while balancing their own beliefs and interpretation of the mission statement of the hospital.

For example, they may not perform a treatment due to their beliefs, which a patient may want or need. This means that another doctor will need to be located to perform the treatment. Incorporated in this problem are external factors including outside organizations, such as the Department of Child and Family Services?

This organization is adding to the disarray by being allowed the power to potentially override decisions made by the medical staff or family and take children away if he or she feels the proper medical decisions are not being made. The second important issuing facing Pat and Chris is the escalating costs of healthcare and the most effective way of being fiscally responsible.

Although Faith Community Hospital is technically a "not for profit " organization, the Board of Directors still expect a profit. Contrastly, Faith Community Hospital is experiencing a steep decline in-patient population. The seven- percent patient population drop has effectively hindered the operating budget and cash flow expectations, which may require substantial cutbacks in operating funds.

Thirdly, Faith Community Hospital is endeavoring to understand and handle the discombobulated system of coverage provided by numerous insurance companies.

It has been hard to ascertain what insurance company is going to provide coverage for the patients. Hence, when insurance companies do not pay for services rendered, the hospital is left to absolve the costs, which ultimately affects the already dwindling bottom line.

The situation involving the increasing healthcare costs are problematic at best, but Chris and Pat must show care and compassion. Perhaps, a resolution to this circumstance should involve cost saving measures coupled with innovative techniques to ensure employee loyalty and job satisfaction.Let It Pour Case Study This Case Study Let It Pour Case Study and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on caninariojana.com The purpose of this case study analysis is to address various situations and barriers management staff face and what alternative solutions could be .

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Running head: LET IT POUR CASE STUDY Let it Pour Case Study MGT Vicki Van Horn June 8, Let it Pour Case Study Today is Chris' first day as Executive Assistant, at Faith Community Hospital.

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