Influence of cartoon on children

StumbleUpon What do the kids love to watch on T. Undoubtedly cartoons and cartoons are great source of fun and entertainment for children. Children are fond of cartoons as because of many reasons.

Influence of cartoon on children

Negative Effects Of Watching Violent Cartoons On Kids | Being The Parent

This is a kind of a malady of the modern world, unfortunately. Many of us parents end up making the kids sit glued to television sets so that we can attend to some other things. This frequent television watching generally involves cartoons, and today, many cartoons are mills of violence.

Many children are very attached to violent cartoons. However, children who watch too much of violence on TV can are very likely to have emotional and behavioral problems, says a research. These cartoons too had violent scenes but not blood spluttering or chopping or destruction.

Cartoons and Their Influence

Their violence was comedic. Any exposure towards violence, even in the so-presumed comical way, can have many negative psychological effects on a child. The impacts are more severe on boys, since they love to watch action and are hardwired to imbibe the same.

Many researches and studies have been conducted on the subject, and the negative effects of violent cartoons on children has been summarized as below- Increased aggression and destructive behavior: A child may become hyperactive and show aggression and may even start breaking toys or other things to express displeasure He may want to do it by himself: Of course, when everyone wants to kill, lie, steal, it is a mean world outside.

Research proves that children who are exposed to violence become unsympathetic towards victims of violence and felt very little to no psychological need to respond when caught between violent acts of someone else.

They become unsympathetic, silent spectators to violence Increase in stubbornness: Man children exhibit painful stubbornness as a result of watching violence. Parents have to be very cautious in helping the child adjust with the stress of survival from such an early age.

Please consider the following suggestions very seriously. You may not be aware of it, but your young son or daughter may be dealing with a very dark depression all alone. When Violent Cartoons Affect Children Do not try to detach the child forcibly from the violent cartoons without addressing the inherent concern.

The suppressed emotion will try to find another vent until you heal it lovingly. Talk to your child like a friend.

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The best way is to watch the cartoon with your child. Ask about his or her favorite character. Do not assume that you know everything about the life of your young one.

It is definitely unadvisable to riddle young children with psychotropic mental drugs. If you are consulting a counselor, make sure the sessions are drug-free.

Completely avoid domestic violence. Mothers may have to take tough decisions because in most cases the quick temper of the father causes the problem.

Influence of cartoon on children

However, the mother also has to be careful in not channelizing her personal stress on the child Help your child to relax and be happy. Spend quality time with children.

They tend to retain the lessons the cartoon is implying. There is a good chance that a tot who watches anger and violence on TV can will take aggressive behavior as normal and will certainly impact his personal behavior.

Child Abuse Another very grim fact must be taken into attention. Very sadly, child abuse is common nowadays. Many children have to bear the burdens of an intense nightmare at very young ages.

Trying to find a vent to all these unknown emotions, the helpless young ones attach to the world of violent video games and cartoons.

None of these is desirable for the flagbearers of the future! The amount of money you spend on your child does not matter anything at all really. You can hire the best tutors with a lot of money and admit him to a good school. However, as long as you spend personal quality time, none of these expenditures matter.

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Your child is never an investment issue! Get money out of your head when you interact with a child.Positive effect of cartoons on children’s mind. The cartoon’s voice, dress, activity and many more tend a kid to be fallen in love with cartoon character. Watching a cartoon show or movie is considered as imaginary world by children, which is full of entertainment.

It can be easily remarked, then, that cartoons fill a major portion of a child's time when watching children's and family television programming.

Influence of cartoon on children

The question must be asked, "What type of influence - negative or positive - do cartoons have upon children?" The answer, as this paper shall attempt to illustrate, is colored in shades of grey.

Oct 25,  · Contrary to our prediction, children chose products without characters approximately 62% of the time. Children's choices significantly differed based on age, sex, and the specific cartoon character displayed, with characters in this study being preferred by younger boys.

We know that cartoons are directed to children and therefore should have a positive influence on them, but this varies according to the programming and control of parents over their children. Most kids are pulled into the world of television long before they even enter school.

Research on the negative influences of cartoons on children is inconclusive and complex. The American Psychological Association believe television violence affects young children negatively after doing many case studies. Cartoons like The Care Bears and The Get-A-Long Gang acted as sedative elements in children's lives, counteracting the detrimental effects of Woody Woodpecker, Tom .

12 Positive Effect of Cartoons on Children's Mind