How to write a thank you letter to a sponsor

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How to write a thank you letter to a sponsor

The Sacrament of Confirmation is a celebration for Christians to further their faith and belief in the Holy Spirit. It is an extension of the promises in faith made during Baptism. The Confirmation candidate chooses a sponsor to stand with her during her journey in faith.

Address the letter informally to the Confirmation candidate. The candidate is likely to be a relative or close friend and an informal salutation is acceptable.

how to write a thank you letter to a sponsor

Begin the letter with your intent, describing your reasons for sending the Confirmation candidate the letter. The reason for the sponsor letter is to share your thoughts on what you think faith is with the candidate.

Write about your personal experiences of how God touches your life through your faith. Describe in terms a young man or woman can understand, as though you are having a personal conversation with him.

Describe how you plan to be there for the candidate in terms of his spirituality. Suggest making an ongoing plan to attend church together. Close the letter telling your candidate how proud you are of him and this important step in his faith journey through Confirmation.

Thank him for the honor of choosing you as his sponsor. Tip The Confirmation sponsor letter is an informal correspondence the candidate will receive during her preparation for the sacrament. Try to make it as personal as possible so the candidate feels he has an open line of communication with you.

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how to write a thank you letter to a sponsor

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My sister thinks I’m nuts. My friends think I’m developing an addiction. Truth be told, I just love writing letters to the kids I sponsor! For sponsors who know the importance of letters but aren’t good with words, encouragement to write can bring on the guilt.

Feel guilty no more; here is a. Sample Sponsorship Thank You Letter to be printed on Children s letterhead Date Name Company Address City, State Zip Dear Name: On behalf of the X Guild of Children s Hospital and Regional Medical Center, thank you for being a generous sponsor of NAME OF EVENT on DATE OF EVENT.

Write individually to each potential sponsor, on letterhead paper if possible, never send a hand written or duplicated note. Present an honest and realistic case and list any likely benefits to the. For example, state that you would be happy to give a presentation or write thank you letters to sponsors.

Close the letter by thanking the reader for their time. Be clear that you would like to hear from them shortly about the possibility of funding for your trip. By definition, a Thank You Letter Sponsors Conference is a sincere personal gesture from one individual to another.

It should be expressed as a heartfelt personal sentiment, even when written in a business situation.

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