Health care using visual aids health and social care essay

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Health care using visual aids health and social care essay

Many nursing homes are more like prisons, he says, when people who may have only a year left in their life still want to experience autonomy and pleasure.

It's not about whether you spend more or not, it's letting them do a little more what they want. In fact, it might cost less, because given a little autonomy they may need less medication.

Consider palliative care instead of cancer treatment -- because palliative care may extend life better than medical care, in many cases. We need to be effective counselors, and ask our loved ones what their priorities are: Do they want to try chemotherapy or other aggressive medical care that might make them worse?

Or do they prefer to spend their final days enjoying life? Of the many possible choices for facing the end of life, the choices of the dying should be their own.

No other cog in the health care system performs this service or is designed to. We knew how to sit at a deathbed. He suffers a stroke followed by progressive dementia, speech difficulty, visual loss, and incontinence.

An injury during WWII already cost him an arm. Before undergoing hernia surgery, a permanent cardiac pacemaker is implanted. As his mind and body further deteriorate, Butler and her mother plead with doctors to deactivate the device to no avail.

An excellent essay on a peaceful hospital death that followed the Liverpool Care Pathway for the Dying Patient. The Liverpool Pathway or variations on it are common in England and several other countries but are demonized here by people like Sarah Palin inaccurately as "death panels".

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Keller argues that we should practice it not because it is economical palliative care does cost moneybut because it is a" kinder way of death. Haven't read this yet, but I like what she says about it: Why do people enter into hospice care so late in the course of their illness?

I wanted to learn: When a dying man wants new front teeth, what do you do? A year-old woman dies of congestive heart failure five weeks after undergoing surgery to receive a pacemaker.

Nor was such care offered at any of the four previous hospital visits she experienced inor through her primary and specialist care providers.

Health care using visual aids health and social care essay

The intervention was simply early exposure to palliative care, which more commonly comes very late in the disease process.

In fact, variation implies it was patient-specific, which is a key point of palliative care.Open access books () We have partnered with leading presses on a project to add open access ebooks to JSTOR.

Thousands of titles are now available from publishers such as University of California Press, Cornell University Press, NYU Press, and University of .

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Health care using visual aids health and social care essay

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Hospice Care I've written about my own experience with hospice in my book DYING: A Book of my father died, my family and I were able to help him do so with the help of a wonderful hospice in Southern California.

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