Essays patriotism after 9 11

I wrote this article as an initial submission to Islamica Magazine upon the request of one of its Board members, Umar Farooq Abd-Allah. Scholars argue that September 11, was the day that marked the end of what is known as the postmodern condition. In the same sense, postmodernism is radically different from older literary time periods like modernism, realism, Romanticism, and so on. The charge that postmodernism collapsed along with the Twin Towers is a serious and intensely troubling one.

Essays patriotism after 9 11

But, what truly makes one patriotic? One may love living in the United States so does that make them patriotic? Jensen presents two alternative definitions of patriotism in his speech. The first one suggests that patriotism is to defend our country because it was attacked, and that must mean that there is a need to defend the United States and the citizens of the United States must support.

Perhaps, this definition is the one that George W. Bush had been taught. In his speech he states, " Our grief has turned to anger and anger into resolution.

Whether we bring our enemies to justice, or justice to our enemies, justice will be done.


Patriotism was probably the last thing on her mind as she grieved the death of her son. Perhaps she has a different outlook on patriotism after her experience. Perhaps a lot of people who lost a loved one during a war that they are not sure what they are fighting for.

The other definition as given by Jensen speaks of the following: To quote John Conyers, "Sit down, my son.

Essays patriotism after 9 11

Those who had the fortune of being born on some particular spot, consider themselves better, nobler, grander, and more intelligent than the living beings inhabiting any other spot. It is, therefore, the duty of everyone living on that chosen spot to fight, kill, and die in the attempt to impose his superiority upon all others.

War is something that has always existed and even in this modern day in age, it is still considered the best way to resolve conflict. Jensen feels war in Afghanistan is barbaric because of the fact that people seem to think that their lives are more valuable than Afghanistan citizens and if innocent Afghans have to die then so be it to achieve the goals of the United States.

But, are the goals of the United States truly patriotic? What are the real goals of the United States as it embarks on a new war on Iraq? When you think bin Laden, think Hitler. So, this brings us back the definition of patriotism given by Emma Goldman. I thought it was alright to kill innocent people as long as our goals were being met.What seems, in many cases, to have happened in the wake of 9/11 is that our only definition of patriotism became that of “blind patriotism.” In the emotional aftermath of the 9/11 tragedies it grew more difficult to ask the tough questions about the context of the events in a historical sense.

Thoughts on 9/11 — and Patriotism. Sep 11, Everybody was fired up. He threw out the first pitch at the first game after 9/11 at Yankee Stadium — and, by the way, he wasn’t wearing. “We tracked patriotism, spirituality and religion, and giving to charities and volunteerism right after 9/11,” Silvers said.

“All three popped up. SEPTEMBER 11, JOAN DIDION was on one of the first flights from New York to California after 9/ She had been scheduled to speak in Los Angeles and San Francisco about a new book, Political.

Afghanistan Before 9/11/01 Afghanistan: An Introduction Afghanistan (Land of the Afghan) is a mountainous land-locked country in Central Asia with a history .

Essays patriotism after 9 11

On 9/11, America experienced a major terrorist attack, which hijacked planes were crashed into the World Trade Centers in New York City, crashed into the Pentagon in the District of Columbia, and had a plane crash into the fields of Pennsylvania.

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