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Automatically rewrite articles

1 Dynamic Memory and Smart Pointers

In the first part we looked at what IIS Application Request Routing is, how it works, and went through its installation steps.

In this article we will start configuring it to work with our Exchange environment. A typical ARR deployment is illustrated in the diagram below: Example of an ARR Deployment While ARR provides high availability and scalability for the content servers, the overall deployment is not highly available or scalable because ARR is a single point of failure and the scalability of the content servers is limited by the maximum capacity of the ARR server used.

automatically rewrite articles

In order to overcome these challenges, you should consider using multiple ARR servers with load balancers. At the same time, ARR does not provide fault tolerant deployment features for itself and must rely on other technologies and solutions to achieve high availability for the ARR tier, as shown below: Advanced settings lets you change the TCP ports that will be used as well as the weight each server has, which we do not need to configure in this scenario.

You can also specify upfront if you want any of the servers to be added as offline. This can be useful when you are setting up ARR for servers that are not yet fully configured or operational. This will make ARR automatically create and configure the rewrite rules we will be using later on: Rewrite Rules Automatic Creation Once the farm has been created, it is time to configure it.

If you click on Servers, you will get an overview of the status of all the servers in the farm: Server Status If you click on the name of the farm itself, in this case Exchange — OWA, you are presented with several options to configure and manage the farm.

Let us go through all the available options: Farm Configuration and Management Options Caching By default, everything that passes through ARR is cached in memory for 60 seconds note that disk caching is also enabled by default. This means that if two users request the same resource within 60 seconds, ARR does not need to go back to the same resource provider to get it that second time.

Unselect the Enable disk cache option to disable the disk cache and click Apply: The Live Traffic test leverages the live requests, allowing ARR to mark a server as unhealthy based on configurable conditions.

However, we cannot use this test to determine if an unhealthy server has become healthy because ARR does not forward live requests to servers that are currently unhealthy.

A response was received within the configured timeout period; The HTTP status meets the configured acceptable status codes; The body of the response contains the specified text configured in the response match.

automatically rewrite articles

When load balancing requests across multiple servers, as we will see shortly, if any of these conditions fail for a server, that server is marked as unhealthy and is not used to serve user requests.

As this feature is limited to using a single URL, it is recommended to create a test page with the overall health of the server this can come from Operations Manager for example as ARR can be configured to look for specific words in that test page.

Application Request Routing - Health Tests Response match is an optional test to make sure that the body of the response contains the expected string. If you customized your OWA logon page, for example, you can insert here a word that you expect to see every time a user successfully navigates to OWA.

The Minimum servers option specifies the minimum number of healthy servers that you must have to appropriately service the expected volume of traffic.In , MinGW-w64 was created by OneVision Software under clean room design principles, since the original MinGW project was not prompt on updating its code base, including the inclusion of several key new APIs and the much needed bit support.

In , OneVision then donated the code to Kai Tietz, one of its lead developers, under the condition that it remain open source. Visual Basic audio file player - Part 1. Helen Bradley.

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How to play audio files in Visual Basic One nice thing about Visual Basic Express Edition is that it can use features that are built into Windows such as Windows Media Player. Automatically create human quality content with WordAi WordAi uses artificial intelligence to understand text and is able to automatically rewrite your article with the same readability as a human writer!

Because SQL is a declarative language, you can write the same query in many forms, each getting the same result but with vastly different execution plans and performance.

Continuous Integration. Continuous Integration is a software development practice where members of a team integrate their work frequently, usually each person integrates at least daily - leading to multiple integrations per day. In order to overcome these challenges, you should consider using multiple ARR servers with load balancers.

ARR can be deployed in active/passive mode to only achieve high availability or in active/active mode to achieve both high availability and scalability.

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