An personal interpretation of how to save a life a song by the fray

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An personal interpretation of how to save a life a song by the fray

Copyrightedall rights reserved Music is an important part of the human race. Music can help heal a broken heart, discharge stress and to relax while going to sleep. By using personal and clinical information, I hope to inform the mental health professionals about how to save a life when a client is thinking about suicide and what it means to get help from a mental health professional.

This paper is written from the view point of a clinician and a patient who is engaged in therapy. Quinnett has stated that there is only a ten minute window of when a person thinking of suicide will actually go through with it.

It is extending those minutes that is an important step to prevent a suicide. Sometimes these signs are not so subtle. This is a crucial conversation as it allows you to assess what the person is thinking and to let them know you are concerned.

The lyrics could also be viewed as the initial consultation a clinician has with his or her client, whether it was initiated by a friend, significant other, or family member.

An personal interpretation of how to save a life a song by the fray

This is not to say that the friend or family has rejected the individual in his or her distress. The distressed individual may just need an unbiased, neutral person to talk openly about how they are feeling and what has brought them to the verge of suicide.

Life for this person at this point is bleak, hopeless and unworthiness has invaded their soul. The individual feels he or she cannot confide in others.

He or she feel they are a burden to friends and family members and have begun to shut himself off from those that love them. He sees only one option left to them: This is very dangerous thinking. Edwin Shneidman spent his career in working in the field of suicidality and forming the foundation for suicidologists in the United States.

As long as there is human life, the threat of suicide is always going to be an issue. It is an indiscriminate symptom of mental illness, such as bipolar depression, major depression or schizophrenia.

Some times suicide is not related to mental illness at all. It could be a response to a crisis that seems to have no end. Some experts will say that suicide is preventable, others believe that it is treatable. I say that it is manageable.

When suicide becomes the only option, the question becomes what to do with this suicidal thinking: Most clinicians do not know much about suicide. Each clinician has their way of dealing with it or perhaps, not dealing with it at all.Investigating Possible Conspiracies and Cover-ups – JFK, The Moon Landings, etc.

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Blaise Pascal (–) Blaise Pascal was a French philosopher, mathematician, scientist, inventor, and theologian. In mathematics, he was an early pioneer in . This page contains lyrics of songs that relate to Dunfermline Life collected during a Dunfermline Song project organised by the Dunfermline Folk Club in October It will be continuously added to, so anyone with a song to contribute, please send it to Gifford at [email protected] - or come along and sing it at the Club on a Wednesday night.

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