A comparison of general motors and ford motor

GMare the two largest automobile brands in the United States. The two large car makers may appear to the casual observer to have similar business models. Next, is Toyota, with As ofToyota held the largest global market share at 9.

A comparison of general motors and ford motor

GMare the two largest automobile brands in the United States. Both Ford and GM are leaders and fierce competitors in the global automobile industry with portfolios of brands and models that compete in various market segments in the U.

The two large car makers may appear to the casual consumer or observer to have very similar business models.

A comparison of general motors and ford motor

However, potential investors who dive deeper into the details of each company will find some key differences as well as many similarities between the two companies.

Second in the U. As of the end ofToyota held the largest global market share at GM was third globally at 9. The global market is highly competitive and diversified.

As emerging economies with large populations such as India, China and Brazil continue to develop, establishing significant presence globally in these areas is critical for the future growth of both Ford and General Motors. Both companies have achieved significant revenue growth since the economic crisis of andbut neither has returned to its previous total sales volume.

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Each company experienced serious financial difficulties in the past 10 years. It reported substantial net operating losses inand During this period of time, under the leadership of CEO Alan Mulally, Ford began initiatives to consolidate operations and create more appealing car models.

These plans to become more efficient and innovative were already in process when the economic recession hit in Although the decrease in demand for cars during the recession harmed Ford, it was able to refuse a government bailout offer, avoid bankruptcy and emerge from the economic recession a stronger company.

General Motors became insolvent in and required government bailout assistance and a Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization in to keep the company operational. The company has since fully repaid its bailout loan and returned positive net income to shareholders each of the past five years.

A comparison of general motors and ford motor

GM is making strategic investments to produce more innovative, efficient and technologically savvy vehicles, which it believes drive future growth.

It is also investing significantly in emerging markets such as China. Brand Strategy One of the main differences between these two competitors is the volume of brands owned and marketed by each company. Recent divestitures or discontinuations of brands include the following: InFord had 27 different vehicle platforms across the world; init has 12 with a goal to consolidate down to eight by General Motors owns and operates a plethora of automobile brands across the globe.

GM also has equity stakes in various Chinese joint ventures. While this may seem like a huge brand lineup, GM, similarly to Ford, has divested or discontinued several brands, including the following:Jun 16,  · Summary.

General Motors VS Ford

Ford Motor Company's first plant was a rented former wagon factory on Mack Avenue in Detroit. From until , this crew of workers assembled Ford automobiles from purchased parts, then inspected, tuned, and prepared each car for shipping.

Aug 04,  · Sadly for Ford Motor, it has had little to celebrate in its centennial year. Its archrival and historical nemesis, General Motors, is faring little better. Next, is Toyota, with %, followed closely by Ford at %. Market Share Comparison – Global. In terms of worldwide market share, neither Ford nor General Motors lead the way.

Two companies that are among the industry’s leaders are long-time American auto-producing rivals, Ford Motor Company (F - Free Report), and General Motors Company (GM - Free Report). Both of.

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As of this writing — since December 9 , General Motors stock has generated a cumulative total return of % versus % for Ford stock. General Motors vs. Ford: Calling a Winner -- Related companies are a common comparison. Here is where one can make an argument for both Ford and General Motors.

In one aspect, the market.

General Motors VS Ford